Radisa Zivkovic - Rasica professional fine art landscape and travel photographer from Serbia.

I'm entered in professional work as a freelance photographer in 2002. Since then I'm published over 60 illustrated stories in many reviews and magazines in Serbia, as well as the three complete articles in National Geographic Magazine.

“However, Radisa is obviously very experienced in research of photography,
he knows how an interesting shape of detail and hues in harmony with perceived frame could lead to effective visualization of the taken motif.”
Professor, Dragoljub Tosic, EFIAP - review Refoto, april 2003.

Many years of experience in post processing allows me that I can offer photos of flawless technical quality and aesthetic values,
all in order to achieve the most precise balance between the actual scene in the field and the presented photographs themselves.
As I seek only for the best results, I have applied all the advanced new techniques in terms of photography, as well as in the final processing of photos.
All my photographs are carefully planned in terms of timing and composition, with a touch of mystical atmosphere along a skillfully balanced relationship of light and colors.

For inquiries about the commercial licensing - exclusive rights of any of my Rights-Managed photos please send me an email via Contact page.



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